microlearning | Best Use Case Scenarios and Benefits of Microlearning

Best Use Case Scenarios and Benefits of Microlearning

Microlearning is an excellent learning approach that’s best suited for skill-building. It typically involves narrowing down a skill, topic, or concept to its most essential parts as bite-sized exercises and imparting training on only those ideas. Put simply, it is a way of offering short, focused chunks of content to an audience, at the placeRead more

microlearning videos

Microlearning Videos – To Cut a Long Story Short

Before understanding what microlearning videos are and how they can enrich your employee training initiatives, take a moment to recollect how often you visit YouTube to look up tutorials for something new. Once there, do you naturally lean in favor of videos that are short, crisp and to the point over long-winding ones? Well, you’re notRead more

microlearning content | Best Practices for Creating Engaging Microlearning Content

Best Practices for Creating Engaging Microlearning Content

In a fast-paced, digital world, it is bite-sized information that matters. And so, enterprises are now adopting microlearning content as a means to impart training to their employees and also to provide the information they need in a fraction of time. Microlearning offers great convenience of time and access in a fast-paced world. It isRead more

microlearning | Does Microlearning Lead to Training Success?

Does Microlearning Lead to Training Success?

What is Microlearning? Microlearning is a condensed form of learning, consisting of small nuggets or bite-sized content capsules that answer particular queries or contain very specific information about a particular subject. These nuggets are prepared using various media types to make them more interesting, easy-to-consume and assimilate. While microlearning can be accessed on all device types,Read more

what is microlearning | Does delivery of actionable microlearning nuggets influence sales performance? main

How Can Microlearning Nuggets Influence Sales Performance?

A good sales team is the backbone of a successful business. Sales representatives form the crucial bridge between the brand and its target audience. They are also seen as brand representatives, and therefore, must have detailed knowledge regarding the organization, its products, etc. In addition to this, they also need to be well versed withRead more