game based lms

How a Game-Based LMS Can Transform Your Learning & Development

Imagine a scenario, where you are in a training room listening to a presentation about your company’s updated policies. You look at the training manual and you almost immediately forget what you have just read. Most of us have faced this situation at one time or the other. It is little wonder that the majority of employeesRead more

Game Based Education

7 Key Benefits of Game-Based Education in a Digital World

Traditionally, education has been quite linear. Taking the students from one academic content to another with the least possible deviation in teaching methods. However, times have changed now. The use of digital tools in education has been on the rise and this has made educators and students fall in love with game-based education. What isRead more

Gamification in business

The Benefits of Gamification In Business

Games are incredibly engaging and have an excellent way of getting people to complete goals. They keep a player focused, excited, and constantly motivated to succeed. Doing so even makes them happy. The idea of Gamification is to take these golden traits from games and apply them to your real-life activities in the workplace. GameRead more

game-based learning

How to Setup Effective Game-Based Learning for Enterprises

If the learning process is dull, employees will not be able to gain the skills and knowledge to perform in real-life scenarios. Learning no longer means memorization or passing of information from the teacher to the taught. Learning, and more specifically in the enterprise context, is more about gaining first-hand experience, knowledge, and skills toRead more

Let us now examine the Top 10 Advantages of Game-Based Learning.

Top 10 Advantages of Game-Based Learning

To understand the benefits of game-based learning for education and training, it is first important to understand what game-based learning is. Game-based learning, as the name suggests, is gameplay with defined learning goals, and designed to present subject matter in the form of a game to help learners understand the concepts. Often in a simulated environmentRead more