scenario-based training | 6 Benefits of Scenario-based Training over Traditional Training

6 Benefits of Scenario-based Training over Traditional Training

Our lifestyles are changing continuously for many reasons, and businesses today are doing everything to meet our demands. The overall transformation has given rise to many new and complex-in-nature roles across all industries. These modern job roles demand an analytical mind, problem-solving, and quick decision-making skills among individuals. However, training courses developed and executed byRead more

scenario based learning | Scenario Based Learning to Boost the eLearning Experience & ROI

Scenario Based Learning to Boost the eLearning Experience & ROI

Scenario based learning is mostly used as a tool to make e-Learning more effective. The idea is to put people in situations that they have faced or may face in real life and use those experiences to help them grasp a concept. Imagine a situation where you are learning to dance. You have read about allRead more

mLearning | How Can You Use mLearning in Employee Training?

How Can You Use mLearning in Employee Training?

mLearning took roots nearly a decade ago, mainly to support traditional eLearning. However, with the growth of the Internet and the easy availability of the smartphones, mLearning has witnessed an impressive growth and is today an integral element of any organization’s training program. Related: Mobile Learning : Why Microlearning is more Effective for Impatient Millennials What isRead more

group of people accessing their mobile devices |How mLearning is Changing The eLearning Landscape

How mLearning is Changing The eLearning Landscape

What is Mobile Learning? As the name suggests, mobile learning refers to the learning and training that happens using a mobile device. Smartphones have a ubiquitous presence in our lives and a vast majority of people use them to perform a range of functions including accessing content and information. And in this digital era, workRead more

gamification in corporate training

Gamification in Corporate Training: Your Checklist for Training Success

There are several advantages of gamification in corporate training and learning. As is obvious from the name, gamification traces its roots to games; however, unlike games which are primarily meant for entertainment and recreation, gamification includes several end goals and well-defined paths with several milestones to help learners achieve these goals. Gamification adds a fun elementRead more

How to Simplify Your Business Proposition with Explainer Videos

How to Simplify Your Business Proposition with Explainer Videos

In this era of constantly evolving technologies, the world of marketing has begun to undergo a paradigm shift. The traditional marketing structures are slowly giving way to newer systems whose primary focus is to drive conversations and facilitate conversions. By employing tools like blog posts, articles, images, videos, webinars, and social media, these techniques areRead more

Video-based learning

9 Ways to Create Highly Effective Learning Videos

Video-based learning is not an unknown concept. It has endorsements from various big companies such as Microsoft and IBM. Several research giants like Bersin, Gartner, LinkedIn, and Forrester recommend it. In fact, the method has full support of the learning and development industry. A study released by LinkedIn in 2017 says: “80% of L&D pros agree thatRead more

gamification at work

5 Effective Strategies for Gamification at Work

Gamification at work is today an integral part of corporate training. When done right, it makes training more successful as it makes learning more fun, more engaging, more immersive and more practical. Besides, it also provides a safe environment for learners to face challenges that they would face in real-life situations. Gamification makes learning difficultRead more

create SCORM compliant courses

How to Create a SCORM Compliant Course on a Budget?

SCORM stands for ‘Shareable Content Object Reference Model.’ In simple terms, SCORM is a set of standards shared between online platforms and Learning Management Systems (LMS). Just like how DVDs are made using a set of standards and work with any DVD player (irrespective of the brand), SCORM-content works on the same principles. SCORM advisesRead more