blended learning courses | How to Deliver Blended Learning Courses Effectively

How to Deliver Blended Learning Courses Effectively

Blended learning is a term used to refer to learning practices that combine the experience of traditional classroom learning with the convenience of e-learning. In this blog let’s discuss how to deliver blended learning courses effectively. Blended learning is highly context-dependent, which makes it difficult to find a universally acceptable definition. However, it is often referredRead more

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How to Create Content for a Blended Learning Model

What is Blended Learning? The evolution of technology has also redefined the learning and training landscape with both learners and trainers going beyond traditional classroom sessions to harness online resources and to make the whole experience more immersive, engaging, contextual and interesting.  This has given rise to the concept of the blended learning model, whichRead more

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Switch to Blended Learning for Better Learning Outcomes

The impact of technology in transforming the classrooms of today has been phenomenal. Instructors are now adopting different teaching methods to fit the learning styles, interests, and expectations of the learners. This is one of the reasons why Blended Learning is becoming the preferred teaching strategy for instructors and learners alike. The rising popularity of the conceptRead more

Advantages of Blended Learning over Traditional eLearning Methods

Advantages of Blended Learning over Traditional eLearning Methods

As the world goes digital, the eLearning sector too has evolved to embrace online tools to make learning more engaging, relevant, contextual and immersive. The World Wide Web has made a wealth of information available at our fingertips. No longer are learners restricted to a unidimensional experience of learning with a flow of information fromRead more