ePUB solutions | How ePUB Solutions Can Streamline Large Scale Digital Publishing Projects

How ePUB Solutions Streamline Large Scale Digital Publishing Projects

With the rise of mobile devices, traditional publishing has made way for digital publishing. Staying true to trends, print media and traditional publishers alike have latched onto the digital medium, making way for e-Publishing solutions as a large-scale industry. But like traditional publishing itself, large scale digital publishing comes with its own set of challenges. ChallengesRead more

publishing automation | Advantages of Digital Publishing and How to Automate Workflows

Advantages of Digital Publishing and How to Automate Workflows

The printing press was an invention which changed the world. Before this machine was invented, written knowledge was hard to mass-produce and distribute. But once the printing press started to print thousands of copies of a single document in a matter of hours, suddenly written knowledge spread to all major cities and countries. With theRead more

Best Practices in Editorial Project Management for Publishers

Best Practices in Editorial Project Management for Publishers

What is Editorial Project Management? In the world of publishing, editorial project management refers to overseeing all the processes and functions involved in transitioning a manuscript to a printed/electronic version for consumption of the end-readers.  However, within this broad definition lies a range of tasks, including the following: Dealing and coordinating with authors and otherRead more

outsourcing publishing services

7 Factors to Consider While Outsourcing Publishing Services

With technology taking over various aspects of publishing, publishing services have radically transformed over the last decade. Nevertheless, some areas continue to remain a dilemma. One such practice that has often been widely discussed and debated is outsourcing. Why should companies in the publishing business outsource their projects wholly or partially to offshore firms that offerRead more

5 Trends in eReaders to look out for in 2017

Pocket size your bookshelves, library, newspaper stands,  all-in-one single device – an eReader. Access more than 1 million books, comics, kid’s titles in a few clicks. Reading books on digital need special care. Super-specialized in their design & function eReaders is meant to deliver easy, comfortable, personalized and uninterrupted book reading environment with battery lifeRead more

5 Reasons Why Manuscript Critique is a Must-Do in Book Publishing

Done with all the hard work on your manuscript – finalized chapters, choice of words, sentence formation and image insertions. Now, don’t be in a rush to publish and let mistakes/errors take the thunder away from your success. Having gone through the same text many times, your eyes are unable to catch discrepancies in theRead more