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LMS for Business – Does One Size Fit All?

Keeping in line with the advancements in technology, more and more organizations across the globe are adopting Learning Management Systems (LMS) to supplement their learning and training requirements. In fact, eLearning is today one of the fastest growing markets in the world. According to a study by IBM, LMS for businesses can cut costs byRead more

Five Industries That Will Drive Virtual Reality in Corporate Training

The future of immersive learning is here and now, and it’s virtual. Pegged as the next big L&D trend, virtual reality is predicted to revolutionize corporate training across businesses. As the world gets faster with technological advancements and dynamic business environments,  organizations are seeking effective strategies to skill/upskill their workforce and improve their on-the-job performances.Read more

4 Easy Analytics Hacks for Successful Employee Training

Data analytics generates a lot of excitement in the corporate field. The world is talking about how companies are using big data & analytics to know their customer better. The same science, when applied to Learning & Development, is transformational in employee development and workforce performance. Wikipedia defines learning analytics as the measurement, collection, analysisRead more