How to Convert Flash to HTML5 at Scale

How to Convert Flash to HTML5 at Scale

Nearly everyone is familiar with Adobe Flash, for those who are not, it is a software with which apps, mobile games, desktop applications, and animations are produced. You can view Flash files like mobile and desktop apps by using the Adobe Flash Player or other third-party players. What is HTML5 and why is it used?Read more

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5 Reasons Why You Should Convert Flash to HTML5

Steps to Convert SWF to HTML5  Today, we live in a world where communication is increasingly becoming mobile. This paradigm shift has made Flash fall short when it comes to the mobile demands of modern businesses. Thus, forcing Adobe to announce its plan to kill Flash by the end of 2020. This news comes afterRead more

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10 Benefits of Converting PDF to ePUB

The rise of digital technology has opened up fresh avenues for digital publishers and authors to add features such as audio, video, graphics and animations to their content and make their storytelling more exciting, engaging, immersive and entertaining. Features such as gamification and simulation are increasingly being used by organizations to liven up their trainingRead more

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Best Content Authoring Tools for Flash to HTML5 Conversion

The advent of Hypertext Markup Language 5 (HTML5) is rapidly changing the world’s digital landscape. As HTML5 technology emerges to be the preferred choice for rendering videos online, the world has slowly started bidding goodbye to Adobe Flash. With HTML5 establishing its prowess, we now have a superior and more versatile technology to play videosRead more

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Time to Migrate eLearning Courses from Flash to HTML5

In 2017, Adobe made a formal announcement stating that from 2020 the company would no longer support Flash. It’s a multimedia software which was extensively used to produce animations, desktop applications, and mobile games and applications, during the PC era. These Flash files could be viewed on browsers using a Flash player, and on theRead more

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How to Use Selenium to Automate Flash & AngularJS Based UI

Overview At HurixDigital, we wanted to automate the Flash testing process for a client. Flash is outdated technology and requires a lot of manual effort to run each testing cycle. To do away with this laborious task, we decided to automate the Flash testing process. Migrating all the applications from Flash to HTML platform isRead more

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How to Convert your Content from Flash to HTML5?

In 2017, Adobe had made a formal announcement stating that by 2020, the company would no longer support the flash player plug-in. Google and Microsoft too have announced their intention to disable the plug-in in their browsers by early next year, thus bringing the curtains down for Flash. What exactly is Flash? Flash is aRead more

How to make digital content ‘bestseller’ & build your online author(ity)

The digital world is complaining of the high incidence of infobesity – information overload. With millions of pages created each day, it is a challenge for content writers to outshine in this digital content glut. The side effects are evident – severe attention deficit. It has become a daunting task for content writers to notRead more