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All You Need to Know to Ensure Web Accessibility

The law requires people to have equal access to technology, irrespective of their limitations and disabilities. It is this requirement that brought several other laws, acts and guidelines such as Section 508, ADA and WCAG into practice. With internet being an ubiquitous presence around us, it is imperative that it is accessible too, without anyRead more

Infographic: 5 Things You Need to Consider While Designing For Accessibility.

5 Things to Bear in Mind While Designing for Accessibility For more insights write to us at marketing@hurix.comRead more


5 Reasons Why Enterprises Need to be WCAG Compliant

Businesses aim for legal compliance in order to avoid any run-ins with the law. In addition to the usual compliance processes followed by a company, such as GDPR, workplace safety, HIPAA, POSH, etc., WCAG compliance at workplaces are also equally important. It ensures that not just their customers, but also their employees with physical disabilitiesRead more

Web Content Accessibility – Overview

An Overview on Web Content Accessibility InfographicRead more

Web Accessibility Guidelines

Web Accessibility Guidelines InfographicRead more

WCAG – Quick Facts and Guide

At a time when digital media has turned into a way of life, be it for businesses, marketers or individuals, conforming to a set of rules that help define how content and design should be portrayed online becomes a necessity. The thing with online spaces is that it is easily accessible to anyone with anRead more