business application training | How to Upskill Your Employees with Business Application Training

How to Upskill Your Employees with Business Application Training

Organizations across the globe today find themselves in the midst of a strange workplace dichotomy – on the one hand, many traditional jobs stand the risk of becoming obsolete in the face of automation. On the other hand, there is a severe crunch of qualified professionals to fit in the jobs created in this new digital economy. This is where business application training and other types of corporate training programs come into the picture.

As a result of this changing landscape powered by technology and tools, millions of people around the world find themselves at the risk of losing long-established jobs. At the same time, the youth grapples with the realization of being unemployable because the skills they acquire through formal education are completely out of sync with the demands of the digital economy.

According to an organization for Economic Co-operation and Development study published in 2018, there is a 50 percent chance that nearly 46 percent of all jobs will become obsolete or be altered beyond recognition in the near future. Similarly, an International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity report states that an estimated 30 percent of students graduating from secondary schools will lack the skills needed to perform most jobs.

At the same time, positions that require the knowledge of artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, and robotics remain unfilled at an unprecedented scale. These two trends present a stark contrast between the workforce of the present and the future.

The Answer Lies in Training

This change in dynamics has sparked an interest in online employee training. The term refers to an expansion of the capabilities of the existing workforce, thereby equipping them with the talent needed to adapt to the rapidly changing economy and improve the scope of their employability. Such initiatives can be organized at industry or community levels. However, at this stage, this is being primarily done at an organizational level.

Upskilling is a comprehensive initiative aimed at imparting applicable knowledge that can be converted into productive results. Here people aren’t just learning new skills in theory but acquiring practical knowledge that can open up new job avenues. And give them an opportunity to excel at these.

A crucial aspect of any training initiative is identifying which skills would hold most valuable in the future. And the businesses or organizations that will deploy these skills, the people who have the right background to learn these new skills and technology-enabled learning tools that can be used to train them. It is only by putting together the right combination of these elements that one can hope to draw up an effective training program.

The Role of Business Application Training in Upskilling Employees

L&D teams across industry verticals are continually looking for ways to make training programs more effective and impactful. With 62 per cent of media consumption of any form happening on mobile devices, dedicated corporate training apps are fast gaining a strong footing. These business application training apps place great emphasis on personalized learning, giving the learner complete control of their learning journey. By allowing them to consume training materials anytime, anywhere in the form of videos, audios, books, and targeted course modules designed by thought leaders.

When enterprises use online content delivery platforms for business application training, they make the process of learning truly dynamic by leveraging features such as:

  • A diverse mix of learning modalities that can cater to individual learning abilities and styles.
  • Clean UX design that delivers a rich user experience.
  • Ability to track progress in tangible terms through analytics, reporting, and measurement.
  • Extensive discovery and search options.
  • Curated learning plans complete with featured topics and personalized recommendations for learning depending on the skill set and abilities of the employees.
  • Connecting employers across the organization to create an atmosphere of collaboration, social learning.
  • Mobile app-based learning.
  • A full suite of administrative features and learning options.

A responsive, mobile app-based, optimized learning management system makes a perfect fit for any business application training program. To find the ideal platform for delivering business application training, you must first identify the reason behind undertaking a training program. For a lot of organizations, the end goal is to enhance employee retention and development.

Right Content on the Right Platform

Once your goal has been clearly identified and established, you can begin the process of delivering the right kind of content to add value to your business application training program. Here are a few ways in which you can effectively deliver the right content on the right platform:

Off-the-Shelf Training Materials 

These are great tools to bring high quality, specialized content to your employees. These courses are developed by experts and usually adhere to a high standard of content quality. Besides, these are quick to implement – you can simply download it from a vendor’s site, upload it on your own online training platform, run a test and launch. These courses can be a bit expensive, but if budgetary constraints are not a concern, these are quite effective for delivering business application training.


All the webinars pertaining to the workings of the new business application adopted by an enterprise can be recorded and uploaded to the online training platform. The effectiveness of this exercise can be enhanced further by breaking down the webinar into bite-sized modules for ease of access and comprehension.

Recording Live Training Sessions 

Another way to add content to your mobile app or other online training platforms is to record every live training event. Optimize the quality of this learning exercise by investing in high-quality equipment such as a lapel mic, multiple cameras, and so on.

eLearning Modules 

Instead of investing time and money in creating content for business application training, you can also outsource the entire exercise to an established e-learning platform that would create a complete training module for you. The most significant advantage of this approach is that you can leverage the expertise of this platform to generate interactive learning materials that resonate with the target group of employees you aim to upskill. Here are the benefits of investing in custom elearning courses for your enterprise.

Customized eLearning Programs 

Alternatively, you can create your own in-house e-learning program. The benefit of this approach to any business application training exercise is that you can help your employees understand exactly how a new application fits into your business processes and internal work environment.

Key Benefits of Business Application Training

Here are some of the key benefits of delivering business application training on a digital training delivery platform:

  • It allows every individual to learn at their own pace, in their own style, and as per their existing skillsets and capabilities.
  • It uses emerging technologies such as machine learning and AI to digitize training initiatives, making them far more engaging than sitting in the classroom and being bombarded with new information, complex processes, and unrelatable ideas.
  • With the help of machine learning capabilities, voice recognition, and real-time feedback, even a standard business application training module can be used as a personalized tool of learning for each employee.
  • Pattern building incorporated in business application training helps improve retention values greatly.

For the Future

Whether or not we embrace the idea, a change is coming at us at lightning-fast speed. AI, machine learning, robotics are fast becoming commonplace, and digital transformation is becoming the norm. Upskilling the employees, who form the backbone of any organization, is the key to retain a competitive edge.


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