5 Trends in eReaders to look out for in 2017

Pocket size your bookshelves, library, newspaper stands,  all-in-one single device – an eReader. Access more than 1 million books, comics, kid’s titles in a few clicks.

Reading books on digital need special care. Super-specialized in their design & function eReaders is meant to deliver easy, comfortable, personalized and uninterrupted book reading environment with battery life that lasts for weeks.

Slow and plateaued in their sales, eReader manufacturers are thinking out-of-the-box to do more with their devices and on-screen digital reading experience. Waterproof devices, colorful display, new fonts for easy reading, lightweight design for convenience being hand-held for long hours, read-aloud with multiple language support and many more such innovations are on the anvil.

Here are 5 user-friendly features in eReader platforms that hint to re-kindle the joy of great books on digital.

Intelligent screen lighting

Don’t let the availability of natural lighting dictate your reading hours. Why bookmark your page for next day reading when you can finish reading it overnight? The new eReaders aim to achieve the best digital reading features under different light-intensity conditions. The latest version of Kobo, Kindle and Tolino eReaders come with auto-adjustable LED lighting that makes night reading more comfortable. The front ambient light sensor reduces the blue light exposure that can be an irritant to your eyes by adjusting the screen temperature and brightness accordingly.

Read & write on a digital paper

Why just read when you can interact with your eBook pages on an eReader. Scribble, text-highlight, annotate, make notes, draw doodles and many more such inter-activities are the next big trend in eReaders. A disruptor of sorts in the read-only eReader capabilities, the newly launched reMarkable is one such attempt to bring pen-paper interaction abilities on an eReader. Another popular interactive eBook solution provider, HurixDigital has revolutionized digital publishing of academic eBooks as students not only read these enriched eBooks on white-label reader apps but also annotate, highlight and make hand notes on them.

The color era

The arrival of digital paper has transformed the touchscreen book experience forever. To further improve the reading experience, and break away from the traditional black & white look, colour ePaper is all set to delight book enthusiasts with a splash of colours. E-Ink, the leading innovator of electronic ink technology in the world, recently announced a breakthrough technology with its Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP). It is high quality, full color reflective display. For the first time ever, an electrophoretic display (EPD) will have the ability to produce full color at every pixel without the use of a color filter array (CFA).

More fonts, languages, & books 

The top 5 spoken languages in the world are Mandarin, Spanish, English, Hindi/Urdu and Arabic. To grab a larger market share of readership volumes, new fonts and multiple languages support on eReaders are being introduced as continuous upgrades. Subscribers of Kindle Unlimited will have access to the Indian language content and it already supports Chinese, German, French and Japanese among others, apart from English. You also get more books, authors, genres to read. While the in-built storage of new eReaders can stack close to 6000 eBooks, features of e-lend/borrow from library like Kobo’s OverDrive and Amazon library have opened a floodgate of millions of books for the user.

Accessibility features for digital inclusion

Compared to printed books, eBooks on eReaders are more inclusive in functionality. Light weight, gesture-based page-turning, easy to use buttons, listen to books with voice-over customized in local languages, read-aloud features etc are a boon for the visually impaired to engross themselves in the magical world of books and stories. Recently, University of Michigan announced that they are working on a Kindle-style Braille e-reader to display pages as raised bumps, that can be read with touch. This will help millions suffering from sight problem work with graphs & text.

You have great books and want to deliver them on eReaders as enriched eBooks or create a eReader app to make them mobile-friendly, talk to us. HurixDigital is your end-to-end partner for all digital publishing needs for mobile, tablets and desktops.